At Perth Prop and Party Shop, we are continually looking to improve the range of themes and effects we provide. As a result we are constantly replacing and updating our inventory.  Here are a few of the latest additions to our warehouse:


Active 1000-Watt 2-Way 15" PA Speaker System with MP3 Player


One of the coolest features on these loudspeakers is their fully addressable, embedded MP3 player. The 8-button user interface and high-contrast, multi-function LCD panel let you instantly browse tracks and enable shuffle, repeat or single-play modes. From break and background music to high-resolution performance tracks, this full-feature MP3 player can handle it all.

Lightweight, easy to use and powerful, with huge 15" drivers so you can pump up the bass, these systems will get your dance floor pumping and your party rocking.

Come in and demo one today!